Example Games

Here are some sample games to get you started.


By @toolness and @varelidi

Animated entirely with CSS. 40 lines of JavaScript.

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By @stenington

Uses the Coquette library. 200 lines of hackable, documented JavaScript.

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Type The Word

By @epchristensen

About 50 lines of JavaScript.

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Text Colour

By @ohmmmavis

About 60 lines of JavaScript.

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Don't Eat The Marshmallow

By @varelidi

About a dozen Blockly blocks.

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Catch The Yellow Monster

By @toolness

About 30 lines of Blockly.

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We're always looking for new games to add to this list. If you make one, just tweet a link to @toolness and he'll add it. Alternatively, you can edit this file and submit a pull request.